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Favour Boxes

Clear frosted polypropylene 0.55
Size 40mm x 40mm x 40mm
Size 60mm x 60mm x 60mm



Confetti Cones and Pillow Packs


Confetti Cones
Frosted polypropylene .38


Pillow Packs
Clear frosted polypropylene 0.38
Size 70mm x 65mm

Flower wraps

Black / white / clear frosted polypropylene 0.55
Small size 600mm x 400mm
Large size 600mm x 800mm



Lantern Flower boxes

Clear frosted / black / white polypropylene 0.08
Tiny T Lite Lantern box size 100mm x 80mm x 80mm
Small T Lite Lantern Box size 138mm x 112mm x 112mm
Large T Lite Lantern Box size 210mm x 112mm x 112mm

Ideal for that special occasion, by placing on the dining table with a T lite candle inside to give that special ambience lighting effect.

Also ideal for holding flowers ( with a white plastic bladder inside to hold water)
Bladder bags, small & medium sizes Pack of 10 units
Bladder bags, large size Pack of 10 units



Clear frosted or / opaque / yellow / blue / violet polypropylene 0.55
Tiny handbag
Size 108mm x tapered 85mm x 38mm spine
Medium handbag
Size 185mm x tapered 115mm x 54mm base




Petal Top Gift Box

White Polypropylene 0.5
Size 38mm x 60mm x 60mm




Aisle Flower Containers

White polypropylene 0.5
Height 175mm x 60mm across the front x 100mm across the back, tapered down
Ideal for the end of Church pews




Cake Boxes

White polypropylene 0.5
Size 50mm x 75mm x 50mm



DLE Envelope

White polypropylene 0.5
Size 110mm x 225mm x single fold



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